Where Fashion Meets Muddy Paws...

I am DIGGLY, The Emperor of Doggy Fashion and The Guru of Style.
Bespoke Custom Made Sweaters, Dresses, Tops, Masquerade Costumes and Funky Accessories are all Designed by Diggly, HandKnitted by Mama and Finished With a Pinch of Stardust :)

Dress like Your Are Already Famous :) Impress Everybody :) Scare the Enemies :) Enjoy the Freedom of Your Movements :) Show The Whole World Who Is The Real Fashion Follower :)

From my earliest memories as a little puppy I have always enjoyed my reflection in the mirror and been proud the way I look.

My mama always bought me lots of jumpers but as a Budding Fashion Guru I knew I could Design and Produce BESPOKE STYLISH CLOTHING FOR SOPHISTICATED DEBONAIR DOGS LIKE ME AND SUAVE DOGS LIKE MY LADIES to Stand Out in the crowd.

I am now PROUD TO SHARE my beautiful clothing With The World.


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