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The Balmoral Shawl

September 2022 🖤

Digglyshire Knitting Club 2022 Special Project

Soft and silky, this magical shawl will keep you warm and cosy while looking classy and elegant.

Cashmere on silk for this one ( pattern takes two skeins of 4Ply), and only one row of my very own pattern.

As long as you know how to cast on and cast off, how to knit and purl and how to do YO, this amazingly beautiful shawl will be very easy to create.

Pattern WILL NOT be available for sale it will only come together with yarn and accessories from Boutique Diggly.

The set will include two skeins of 4Ply yarn, two pompoms, pattern, accessories and gifts.

The options will be as follows:

1. Cashmere Silk 50/50 4 ply

2. Mulberry Silk 55 4Ply

You can choose from available colourways or you can ask for a one-off especially for you.

Pre-sale is now open with orders to be posted on the 3rd of October.

The Balmoral Shawl

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